Client Retention Solutions to Grow Your Business

loyaltyMost companies know that it costs five times more to win a new customer than to keep one. But not every company understands how to retain customers. At SaviLinx, we have discovered the most important factor to boosting customer retention is to hire the right people to connect with your customer, and invest in the training required to help your company keep these valued assets. The result? Client surveys affirm that our customer retention programs are among the best in the industry.

SaviLinx uses a recruitment strategy designed specifically for our contact center environment that enables us to seek out and hire the right Associate for the job. We have a strong buy clomid online nz company culture that nurtures and motivates our Associates. We’ve developed training programs help them save, and then to sell. And we have a lively, encouraging, and lightly competitive contact center environment. We keep morale high and attrition down with reward programs that vary by client and Associate level.

This why our save rates are consistently 70% or better. Our Associates not only “win” the customer back but also establish a rapport that turns that dissatisfied customer into a loyal one. Our primary goal is to make the sale and win the customer back, using a focused, repeatable process, at a price point that yields immediate impact.

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