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Woman Entrepreneur: Heather Blease in Innotech Today

women entrepreneur

SaviLinx founder Heather Blease was recently interviewed by Innovation & Tech Today about founding the company, the personal sacrifices she made and the rewards earned, and other insights into being a woman entrepreneur.

From the story:

“However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t pitfalls along the way. As she told us, “I found myself right back as an entrepreneur starting a company again… I can’t count on one hand how many times I drew what little money I had in my 401K to cover payroll. These are the challenges of the first years of starting up a company.” Despite this, SaviLinx quickly proved to be successful, becoming profitable only two years in and eclipsing $11 million in their third year.

Listening to Blease talk about her new company, you can sense the passion she has for this new venture. “I see growth, diversity, diversity of clients and profitability is really important to me… But, I also think that one of the things that differentiates us is our focus on our employees… Yes, we are focused on the bottom line but we realize that most importantly in the success of our business is the success of the employees that work for us.”

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