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The world is growing more complex and so are your contact center needs. At SaviLinx, we combine omnichannel technologies with human touch to deliver forward-looking customer experiences for government and business.

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Complex interactions where customer connection matters are our specialty. We help our contact center clients build loyalty and trust with call center interaction.

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Personalized, best-in-class omnichannel solutions, analytics, and AI will help you elevate the customer experience efficiently, effectively, and securely.


7-Year Streak

For the 7th year in a row, SaviLinx has earned a spot on Inc. Magazine’s esteemed Inc. 5000 list, which ranks the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.  SaviLinx was acknowledged as the 10th fastest-growing private company in Maine.  The women-owned business was founded in 2013 by Heather Blease, who takes pride in her business and its’ significant contributions to the American economy.

Omnichannel Solutions

Our omnichannel contact center solutions foster meaningful customer connections across email, chat, text, and phone, blending automation with human interaction. By ensuring accessible, efficient service paths, we enhance 24/7 support, streamline experiences, and boost productivity, strengthening customer relationships through swift, effective communication.

BPO Solutions

We redefine business process outsourcing (BPO) by prioritizing customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Our flexible, scalable solutions streamline front- and back-office processes, enhancing growth and simplifying customer interactions. Focusing on efficiency, relationship-building, and risk reduction, we embed quality into every service step—partner with us to elevate customer experiences and boost business performance.

Eligibility & Enrollment

We provide expert eligibility and enrollment solutions, simplifying complex benefits and insurance processes. Our approach emphasizes convenience, consistency, and efficiency, ensuring individuals receive crucial support. As committed partners, we extend your reach, effectively connecting members with essential services through skilled, empathetic assistance and elevating care standards.

Customer Service.

Customer service is our calling, we focus on transcending ordinary interactions. Our agents, skilled in empathy and technology, enhance connections at every customer journey touchpoint. We integrate cutting-edge technology and data insights to personalize and secure each interaction, transforming your contact center from a transactional to a relationship-building powerhouse, fulfilling our purpose to help.

Tech Support.

We recognize the critical role your technology plays in user empowerment. Our Outsourced Technical Support Services keep your systems operational and user-friendly. From robust self-service portals to advanced AI chatbots and comprehensive help desk management, our experienced team ensures every interaction enhances user satisfaction and productivity. Trust us for professional, scalable tech support solutions.

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You define success. Achieve it with our high-performing, our human-centric, call center outsourcing services.

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Everyone shines at Savilinx; we ensure that our omnichannel call centers offer an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.


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We offer both remote and in-office work – explore our call center job opportunities.

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Meet SAVI.

Let’s elevate the contact center experience together. When it comes to caring about people and partners, we answer the call with our call center outsourcing services.

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SaviLinx FAQ

Question #1: What are the key benefits of outsourcing contact center services?

Outsourcing contact center services presents a strategic advantage for businesses aiming to boost customer engagement and optimize operations. The primary benefits include gaining specialized expertise, enhancing cost efficiency, and allowing companies to concentrate on their core functions. It also offers access to advanced technologies, scalability to meet changing business needs, and flexibility in service provision. Outsourcing improves the overall customer experience, provides risk mitigation, expands service coverage, and delivers data-driven insights for informed decision-making. Furthermore, it supports market expansion with its ability to adapt to various customer needs and regional requirements, ultimately facilitating effective and efficient management of customer interactions while promoting business growth.

Question #2: Can call center outsourcing help improve customer satisfaction and retention?

Yes, outsourcing call center services can significantly boost customer satisfaction and retention. Outsourced agents provide professional, empathetic service, and using cloud-based technologies ensures efficient, multi-channel support. The availability of 24/7 customer assistance, personalized experiences, and reduced wait times all contribute to higher customer satisfaction levels. Outsourcing also offers multilingual support, which is essential for a diverse customer base, and maintains consistent experiences no matter the language of the caller. The scalability of outsourced services ensures businesses can adapt to fluctuating demand, allowing them to focus on core operations, which indirectly benefits customer satisfaction. Additionally, the data-driven insights provided by outsourcing firms help businesses refine their strategies and services, further enhancing customer loyalty and retention.

Question #3: What is the typical cost structure of outsourcing call center operations?

The cost structure for outsourcing call center operations can vary substantially. Three common approaches include paying for full time agents, paying for agent hours worked, and paying for time that agents are working on specific calls (including post-call wrap up time). Another common approach is to pay for the number of calls handled. In each of these models, there might be variable pricing based on weekday daytime, evening, overnight, weekend, and/or holidays. Fixed price for handling up to a maximum number of calls or call volume bands is also used. Outbound calling can also be based on the number of customers reached. SaviLinx is willing to work with customers to determine the pricing approach that is best for their specific circumstances.

Question #4: How can I ensure data security and confidentiality when outsourcing my call center operations?

To safeguard data security and confidentiality in outsourced call center operations, it’s essential to thoroughly vet the outsourcing company for a solid track record in data handling and adherence to security standards. SaviLinx complies with HIPAA requirements, utilizes NIST security controls, and utilizes cutting edge security technologies to protect data.Savi has stringent data security protocols, including secure technology, encryption, and data breach policies. We train staff on data privacy, implement strict access controls, and conduct regular audits. The service level agreements between SaviLinx and our clients clearly outline data protection measures and breach response strategies.

Question #5: How do I measure and track the performance of a call center outsourcing vendor?

To effectively measure and track the performance of a call center outsourcing vendor, clients should determine metrics that are central to their business model and develop Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure Savi’s success. Common SLAs include average speed to answer, average handle time,minimum quality assurance standards, and many more that can be customized to best fit clients’ needs. SaviLinx provides a comprehensive reporting dashboard where clients can easily track customized data points and SLA/KPI compliance.

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