Customer Service Support Solutions

Embrace customer connections.

The contact center is a key element in delivering your services and benefits – it is where critical customer connections happen, relationships are nurtured, and reputations are made. As interactions become more complex, it’s important to choose the right partner.

SaviLinx is the answer to all of your contact center needs.

Savi provides seasoned, scalable, and seamless technology support to keep your customers and employees connected and productive.

We elevate the human connection with experience, metrics, and technology. That’s what sets Savi apart and establishes us as an industry leader.

Whether you’re a government agency or a commercial business, we have the right solution to create meaningful connections with your citizens and customers.

Do you have questions? We’re listening.
We understand your needs, from every-day to big picture
We hire the right people with a culture that matches your company
We instill a passion for quality and continuous improvement
We continuously deliver new solutions to meet your goals
We measure every aspect of your program to refine performance
We earn your trust everyday with new ideas and transparent process

How can we help you?

Omnichannel Solutions.

Improve your customer journey on every channel, with every interaction.

Meet your customers where and how they want, from attended and AI chat, to email and self-service portals, to live Agent calling. No matter how complex, we deliver efficient, effective, and empathetic support.

BPO Solutions.

Let’s unlock efficiencies that enable you to build a special customer connection.

Elevate your customer experiences with flexible, nimble, and scalable solutions that put the customer first. Savi delivers streamlined processes that unlock efficiencies and build exceptional and memorable customer connections, no matter how complex, for government and commercial business.

We’re here to support you.

Eligibility & Enrollment.

Your programs are vital. But eligibility and enrollment can be confusing.

Make complex eligibility and enrollment processes easy for your citizens and customers and create a positive impression of your company or agency.

We are empathetic and knowledgeable in each interaction – we serve as a representative of you. Helping is our calling.

Customer Service.

What do customers remember most when they contact you?

They remember the human connection.

At Savi, we create meaningful and memorable experiences when your customers and citizens need you most.

We transform customer issues into positive outcomes with knowledge, empathy, active listening, and proactive problem-solving skills.

Tech Support.

Keep clients, customers, and employees connected and productive.

From short-term tech migrations to ongoing tech support, minimize disruptions and boost uptime and usability. Gain the promised value from your technology by helping people quickly navigate complex issues with clarity and compassion.

You’ll see the Savi difference.