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Human-centered government.

Your agency’s mission is to change lives for the better. SaviLinx is your partner of choice to help you serve your citizens.

Our approach is simple: We put people first.

Deliver vital government programs and services to the people who need them most with empathy, expertise, and efficiency.

We turn complex interactions into positive experiences by elevating the human connection, using advanced technologies, and tracking performance metrics.

Savi an ideal partner now and in the future.

The Savi Difference.


Agents elevate the human connection.


Right-fit omnichannel technology improves the customer journey.


Performance metrics drive satisfaction.


Partnerships focus on building trust in government.

Some of our team members working on business process solutions.

Our missions align.

Of the people, by the people, for the people. Helping people is the mission of the federal government. It’s also Savi’s core purpose.

A 2021 executive order has directed agencies to transform their approach to connecting with citizens to mirror the best customer experiences provided in the private sector.

We wholeheartedly design and deliver services focusing on the experience of the people you serve.

Many citizen interactions are complex and require knowledge, expertise, patience, and empathy. At Savi, we understand how to put people first – we serve government agencies and federal prime contractors across the United States.

Our 360-Degree Approach.

Creating positive customer experiences is part of a 360-degree approach at SaviLinx:

Act with Empathy: The human experience is an essential part of the citizen journey and we do it better than anyone else. Savi Agents elevate the human experience with excellence, efficiency, and empathy. All employees are U.S. citizens vetted via eVerify so that you can be confident with Savi as your partner.

Meet citizens on every channel: One size does not fit all in contact center technology. We can recommend and deploy advanced, cloud-based, omnichannel solutions for your needs, use your systems, or a combination of both. That’s the Savi way.

Metrics that Matter: We capture and analyze contact center performance metrics to ensure customer satisfaction and deliver continuous efficiencies and process improvement.

We are you: We recognize that our agents are government representatives, whether we serve as the prime vendor on the contract or as a contact center subcontractor. We elevate your reputation in all we do.

Create Positive Experiences
P e r f o r m a n c e O m n i c h a n n e l

Case Studies

How have we helped military families? How have we assisted millions of prospective students with loans? Our case studies go in-depth to show what Savi has done for others and what we can do for you.


Federal government certifications.


Small Business
Woman-Owned Business
HUBZone (56873)

NAICS/SIN codes:

54151S – IT Professional Services
518210C – Cloud-Related IT Professional Services
561422 – Automated Contact Center Solutions
561421 – Business Program/Support Services
541990 – Professional Services
522320 – Financial Transaction Processing
524292 – Third Party Administration Services

Schedule IT – 70 | SIN 561422 (formerly 132-20)

DUNS: 078805217
EIN: 46-2266664

Savi Capabilities Statement

Federal Government FAQ

Question #1: What are federal government customer service solutions?

Federal government customer service solutions are comprehensive strategies and technologies designed to enhance interactions between citizens and federal agencies, aiming to streamline processes, boost accessibility, and ensure clear communication. These solutions involve improving the federal customer experience, providing timely and effective assistance through dedicated service representatives, and collaborating with top-notch contact center companies specializing in large-scale government operations. They encompass continuous training for representatives, leveraging advanced technologies like AI, and employing digital channels to facilitate more efficient citizen-government interactions. Call centers, equipped with modern technologies and trained personnel to handle diverse inquiries, play a crucial role in this ecosystem. At the same time, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) helps manage extensive customer service operations effectively. The goal is to create a seamless, efficient, and trustworthy environment for citizens seeking federal services, thereby enhancing public perception and engagement with federal entities.

Federal government customer service solutions boost the efficiency of services by

Federal government customer service solutions boost the efficiency of services by enhancing the federal government customer experience and streamlining operations. These solutions enable faster, more accurate responses to citizen inquiries, improving satisfaction and trust. Modern technologies and effective management in federal government call centers result in quicker call handling and resolution, minimizing wait times. Skilled customer service representatives provide informed assistance, reducing repeat inquiries. Collaborating with leading contact center companies introduces best practices and innovations in service delivery. Adopting citizen-centric approaches, such as personalized service and quicker response times, elevates the overall service quality. Outsourcing to specialized BPOs allows federal agencies to focus on core functions while maintaining efficient customer service operations. Advanced technology aids in data management and personalization, enhancing service efficiency. The National Contact Center centralizes services, simplifying access for citizens and reducing service complexity. Tailored solutions for each federal agency ensure targeted and effective service delivery, ultimately making federal government services more responsive, accessible, and user-friendly.

Question #3: How do these solutions ensure compliance with federal regulations?

Federal government, customer service solutions, ensure compliance with regulations through meticulous training, secure technologies, and adherence to legal standards. Customer service representatives receive extensive training in federal policies, ensuring their interactions align with legal and ethical guidelines. Partnering with contact center companies that comply with federal standards guarantees service delivery meets legal requirements, including data handling and privacy protection. Secure technological solutions these providers employ safeguard sensitive information, meeting federal cybersecurity regulations. Regular audits assess compliance, ensuring practices remain current with evolving laws. The National Contact Center is a compliance hub, ensuring consistent adherence across federal agencies. Specific regulatory requirements for each agency guide the customization of their customer service solutions, ensuring tailored compliance. Outsourced partnerships are rigorously evaluated to ensure they meet federal standards, particularly in data protection and privacy. Continuous monitoring and improvement processes allow for real-time adaptation to new regulations, ensuring ongoing compliance and maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of federal government customer interactions.

Question #4: What are the challenges in implementing customer service solutions in federal agencies?

Implementing customer service solutions in federal agencies is fraught with challenges due to the complexity of operations, diversity of services, and strict compliance requirements. Ensuring adherence to myriad regulatory standards is a significant hurdle, as every aspect of customer service must align with federal laws and policies. The recruitment and training of personnel are challenging, requiring in-depth knowledge of federal operations and exceptional communication skills. Integrating new solutions with existing, often outdated government systems presents another obstacle, necessitating seamless integration to maintain service continuity. Answers must be scalable and adaptable to cope with fluctuating demand and diverse citizen needs, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility. Given the heightened risk of cyber threats, data security is paramount, requiring robust protection measures. Collaborating with BPOs demands stringent vetting to ensure compliance with federal standards. Additional challenges include:

  • Achieving consistent service quality across various agencies.
  • Balancing budget constraints with the need for quality.
  • Staying abreast of technological advancements to enhance service delivery without disrupting current operations.

Effectively managing the National Contact Center, coordinating across agencies, and ensuring efficient responses to various inquiries are crucial for successful implementation and public satisfaction.

Question #5: How do these solutions handle data privacy and security?

Customer service solutions in the federal government prioritize data privacy and security by implementing rigorous measures to protect sensitive information. These include data encryption and secure data transmission protocols to prevent unauthorized access, adherence to federal security standards like FISMA and NIST guidelines, and regular security audits to ensure compliance. Access to data is strictly regulated, with authentication protocols in place to control information access. Staff training emphasizes the importance of data security, ensuring all employees are versed in the latest protective practices. Cloud-based solutions are secured to meet federal requirements, and incident response plans are ready to address potential breaches swiftly. Partnerships with BPOs are closely monitored to ensure they meet federal security standards. Continuous monitoring systems detect possible security threats, ensuring the National Contact Center and other federal customer service entities maintain the highest security levels. These comprehensive measures ensure that while customer service is enhanced, data privacy and security are never compromised, maintaining public trust in federal government services.

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