At SaviLinx we are experts in analytics for contact centers. We are driven by metrics – we track every stat and constantly tweak processes to ensure that we get better over time at meeting your KPIs. Our industry-leading analytics processes are now available to you via our custom analytics platform, SEIMS – the SaviLinx Enterprise Information Management System.

We combine data from multiple systems – HR, ACD, contact center, and auditors – to generate a holistic picture of performance. Measure KPIs by multiple dimensions such as handle time by agent tenure or quality assurance by hours worked. We do the hard work of combining the data into a comprehensive business intelligence dashboard.

Our team views trends and other data to help you put meaning behind the metrics, and help you use your information to drive performance improvement. We help you understand what the numbers are telling you, what they should look like, and how to take action to improve.

Analytics for Contact Centers

Our SEIMS business intelligence dashboard will help you:

  • Gain a 360-degree insight into data from multiple systems – HR, ACD, auditor, and contact centers
  • Put meaning behind your metrics to drive performance improvement
  • Build goals that are actionable
  • Get ahead of trends before they become issues

You can start asking better questions of your data – let us help you.

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Data drives our business. With SEIMS, it can drive yours, too. 

Analytics for Contact Centers

SaviLinx Enterprise Information Management System

Analytics for contact centers