Make Each Interaction Count with Customer Service Solutions

SaviLinx Customer Service Experts

Delivering excellent customer service is a complex process – done right, it delivers excellent payback in customer engagement and loyalty. Customers are clear in that they want to reach out via every channel – smart phone, web, phone, and self-service – and they want consistently excellent support. SaviLinx has the technology, processes, and most of all, the people to take care of your customers any time, any place, using any device or channel. We’ll help you step up your service levels, improve the customer experience, and make every interaction count.

Unique technology platform

We are 100% cloud based, which means we can use your systems, our platform, or a mash up. Legacy applications combined with unified desktop functionality, to voice self-service, Web chat or messaging – we can deliver. We create a client-specific view using disparate databases, applications, and technology to build applications that reduce hold times and dramatically improve first call resolution rates.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) services

Our team excels in handling complex interactions that require multi-step engagement with your customers. We can extend beyond the call center and into the back order clomid from india office to handle email, chat, white mail, fulfillment, and data entry tasks such as order entry and claims management. We develop tools for our agents, improve workflow processes and create trending reports specific to the tasks we handle.

Staffing on demand

We offer a flexible approach with location-based and virtual agents that use specialized premise-based communications equipment. We can deploy agents anywhere there is a PC, headset and Internet connection. We have the agility to scale and to meet peak or fluctuating demands.

Skilled and mature staff

We have a tightly honed recruitment and training process to build the best team in the industry. Our agents provide customer service that consistently meets or exceeds SLAs and builds customer engagement

Some examples of our customer service work includes:

• Quality monitoring and inbound phone inquiries to support medical insurance program enrollment.

• Frontline contact services to help callers discover the right energy program, access necessary applications, and connect them to the vendor for service. We provide full follow-up solutions for processing correspondence for rebate and incentive programs.

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