Advice for Fast Growing Startups

fast growing startup

SaviLinx founder Heather Blease was featured in a recent issue of Bankless Times to offer advice for fast growing startups. She talks about the importance of retaining equity and other tips from her perspective as a founder.

A Quote from Our Founder

“When I founded SaviLinx, I looked hard at my business plan and financials to see how much investment I needed to grow and bring the company to profitability. We grew very fast with commercial and government contracts, and that gave us a great start. But as a less than three-year-old company just coming into profitability, we still weren’t bankable. Traditional banks are not crazy about lending money or opening up a line of credit for a new company or until you have several years of profitability, so turning a profit became one of my most important metrics for growth. I started looking for the most efficient and cost-effective sources of capital.”

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