Empowering Growth: Micky Thomas Joins SaviLinx as New Chief Financial Officer

SaviLinx recently marked a significant milestone in our corporate journey by appointing Michael (Micky) Thomas as Chief Financial Officer. This strategic decision not only underscores SaviLinx’s commitment to bolstering its executive team but also highlights our resolve to navigate the evolving dynamics of the contact center industry.

Micky Thomas steps into this pivotal role with an impressive resume, having most recently served as the Senior Vice-President and Treasurer of WEX, a multibillion-dollar public fintech company. His experience extends beyond the realms of fintech, encompassing critical financial leadership roles in both public and private energy sectors and a notable tenure as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Martin’s Point Healthcare.

Thomas’s appointment comes at a time when SaviLinx is witnessing rapid growth and transformation. His professional journey is marked by a consistent ability to instill greater financial rigor and transparency in the organizations he has served. His knack for enhancing decision-making processes has not gone unnoticed in the corporate world, earning him widespread respect and recognition. His expertise in engaging with various financial stakeholders – be it finance teams, boards of directors, outside advisors, banks, rating agencies, or investors – has been instrumental in optimizing the financial health of these organizations.