SaviLinx helps citizens during economic insecurity while building trust in government   

Customer success story: State government agencies

The Situation: Assist an unprecedented number of citizens impacted by layoffs and economic insecurity in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic.  Departments of Labor in every state in the union were flooded with calls from citizens who needed help accessing their unemployment benefits to buy groceries and pay rent. Two state agencies reached out to Savi for help. 

Savi Solution: SaviLinx hired, onboarded, and trained hundreds of Agents within weeks to help citizens secure crucial benefits and navigate complex and changing unemployment requirements. Dedicated teams managed complex customer interactions in highly charged situations. 

Services Delivered:  

  • Guiding claimants through the unemployment assistance process from the initial claim to the weekly recertification. 
  • Using a variety of tools and data bases to research information for claimants and inform them regarding payment delays, fraudulent claims, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance renumeration, seasonal benefits, and other status information.   
  • Unlocking accounts and resetting passwords.  
  • Filing initial claims and weekly recertifications into each State’s claims system.  
  • Cross-referencing data to close resolved cases. 
  • Helping claimants navigate self-service filing options, including for appeals.  
  • Filing appeals on behalf of claimants or guiding them through the process of self-filing. 

THE RESULT: The Savi team was able to help tens of thousands of citizens get critical financial support in a time of great need and economic insecurity. Agents helped citizens navigate complex processes that changed frequently due to state and federal legislative changes. For our state partners, we were able to help public officials fulfill their responsibilities while building citizens’ trust in the government.  

Customer Centricity Attributes: 

  • Reputation: Fulfilling access to insurance coverage  
  • Time Sensitive: Open Enrollment Season is a short and defined window of time 

Complexity Attributes: 

  • Multiple sources of data for coverage questions and claims status 
  • Multiple choices for military members requires professional and knowledgeable assistance 

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