SaviLinx helps prospective students achieve their dreams for a higher education

Customer success story: Federal agency

The Situation: Prospective students are excited to attend college, but for many, their choices will depend upon the financial aid they receive. Students and their families often need help to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) correctly and in time to provide colleges and universities with the data they need to provide financial aid packages. 

Savi Solution: SaviLinx has served as outsourced support for the Federal Student Aid Information Center since 2015 and as a subcontractor to four prime vendors. More than 100  SaviLinx Agents help parents and students navigate the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) process including managing sensitive PII and following stringent Federal compliance requirements. SaviLinx consistently exceeds CSAT targets with a team of Agents that have served from more than 18 months to more than six years.   

Services Delivered:  

  • Multichannel response to FSA inquiries: telephone, telecommunications devices for the deaf (TDD/TTY), e-mail, web-chat, postal mail, facsimile, and online.   
  • Agents handle, coordinate, and either resolve or escalate all customer interactions and issues according to FSA guidance and training. All staff needing access to sensitive but unclassified information are cleared through the FSA security clearance process.   
  • CSRs use the FSA electronic knowledge base and Community Workspace (CW) to research and respond to customer inquiries.  
  • Initial support, prioritization, investigation, and diagnosis, as well as incident resolution and closure.  
  • Post-call surveys, speech recognition, text to speak, and call-back capabilities.  
  • All team members access DOE FSA systems via a secure VPN to assist millions of students and their families to secure federal student loans.  

THE RESULT: The Savi team helps students with a critical step in their higher education journey while ensuring the Department of Education meets its mission to serve students and their families. 

Customer Centricity Attributes: 

  • Accuracy and professionalism to guide students and families through a complex process in a timely manner 
  • Authenticity and empathy to manage sensitive PII 

Complexity Attributes: 

  • Multiple sources of data to research and respond to customer inquiries