SaviLinx helps state agency create a human-centric approach to complex government services

Customer success story: State government agency

The Situation: Create a brand-new Paid Family Medical Leave Citizen Support Center to serve more than 7 million citizens of a Northeastern state. The program is designed to support citizens in a critical time of need: to care for a new child, a seriously ill family member, or while a partner was deployed in the military. The stakes were high – and high-profile. Citizens expected empathy and professionalism in their time of need, and state officials recognized their reputation and trust in government were at stake. 

Savi Solution: The SaviLinx team designed an omnichannel solution that provided a balance of automation with expertly trained Agents to deliver on the promise.  

  • Well-trained, local staff fluent in local culture and local languages.  
  • Best-in-class, FedRAMP secure technology for contact center software, CRM, and knowledge base; integrations to multiple platforms and systems.  
  • Empathetic support for citizens facing significant life experiences to understand their options, navigate the process, collect verification paperwork, and enroll in the program.  
  • Operational agility to solve new requirements and process changes that inevitably arise during the creation of a new program. 

Services Delivered:  

  • For citizens: eligibility, verification, enrollment, adjudication, claims management, and consumer service and program education by phone, chat, and email.  
  • For employers: Assistance with calculating and filing  

contribution payments.  

THE RESULT: This new government program has improved the well-being of more than 100,000 citizens in the first year alone. Savi is providing an empathetic and professional experience for citizens in a time of great need. Together with our state partner, we are building trust in government with a human-centric approach that delivers outstanding results. 

Customer Centricity Attributes: 

  • Reputation: High profile government program 
  • Authenticity and Empathy: Support citizens during significant life events 

Complexity Attributes: 

  • Multiple sources of data to enroll citizens 
  • Multi-step process to enroll