SaviLinx helps the Federal Government fulfill its promise to our military 

Customer success story: Federal Agency

The Situation: Each fall, military members must select and enroll in one of the dental and vision health plans offered as part of their military benefits. They need timely, accurate, and professional support during the short Open Enrollment period to access or continue to receive BENEFEDS coverage.  Year-round, enrolled military members need assistance with eligibility, coverage, and payment questions.   

Savi Solution: Since 2015, SaviLinx has been honored to support US military families with their critical insurance needs. We hire, onboard, and train up to 800 Agents each fall to ensure that military members can select and enroll in the plan of their choice prior to the end of the Open Enrollment period. Savi also supports military members year-round with benefits eligibility and payments questions. Savi serves as a subcontractor to a large federal prime vendor to support  
this program.   

Services Delivered:  

  • Guide military members through the enrollment process, including completing their applications for enrollment. 
  • Provide trusted support with members’ sensitive and personal information. 
  • Assist covered members with payment and billing questions, coverage options, and explanation of benefits statements. 
  • Manage complex and time-sensitive customer interactions with professionalism and accuracy.  
  • Scale rapidly to meet heavy seasonal demand.  
  • Deliver continuous process improvements over six years of performance.  

THE RESULT: Savi helps our government fulfill its promise to military members and their families, who make many sacrifices to protect and serve our country. And we help those who serve by connecting them with the dental and vision insurance coverage they need to keep themselves and their families healthy. 

Customer Centricity Attributes: 

Reputation: Fulfilling access to insurance coverage  

Time Sensitive: Open Enrollment Season is a short and defined window of time 

Complexity Attributes: 

  • Multiple sources of data for coverage questions and claims status 
  • Multiple choices for military members requires professional and knowledgeable assistance 

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