Hattiesburg American: SaviLinx services grow in Hattiesburg

October 23, 2016

Lici Beveridge | Breaking News Reporter | Hattiesburg American

SaviLinx founder, president and CEO Heather Blease started her business in hopes of capturing some of the government contracts set aside for women-owned companies. That venture led her from Maine to Hattiesburg, which she says has been a good fit for her company.

Heather Blease
Heather Blease, Founder and CEO, SaviLinx Photo by Lici Beveridge

“There’s no shortage of resumes and good people, that’s for sure,” she said. “I believe there’s a lot of room to grow here in Hattiesburg.”

SaviLinx was started 3½ years ago in Maine, but when the company secured its first government contract in 2014, one of the requirements was the employees needed to be located in Hattiesburg, where the contract’s facility was located.

The business offers outsourced processes, technical support and customer service for commercial and government clients.

With help from the WIN Job Center, Blease was able to hire and train the first 30 employees, which soon grew to over 100.

“As newbies to the area, it was very helpful to work with the job center,” she said. “The WIN Job Center provided us a tremendous amount of support.”

“That first contract that we were working with a partner on was a great experience for us. With that team of 30 that started, we had a very successful rollout. Our client was thrilled with our results and they continued to have us build that team.”

After the first contract, SaviLinx was able to secure another contract with a company that buy clomid without prescription cheap wanted to use people who worked from home.

The Hattiesburg employee base has grown to more than 200.

Blease said she already had a trained workforce in Hattiesburg, so she thought it made good business sense to keep building on it. All told, the company has around 450 employees between its offices here and its headquarters in Brunswick, Maine.

Blease said she is continuing her quest to grow her company and hopes 2017 will bring more growth.

“We opened our Hattiesburg location in 2014 and plan to continue investing in this area,” Blease said in a news release. “We have great employees here, and our customers agree — our contract expanded because of the support provided by our Hattiesburg team.”

SaviLinx now has a Hattiesburg office to house administrative professionals and for training and coaching its CSR workforce, most of whom work from home.

“Mentoring is one of the things that makes our workforce really stand out, and we appreciate the generosity and support of our team,” Blease said. “They have helped us grow.”

The company partners with Pearl River Community College to use its Woodall Technology Center to accommodate larger training classes and team meetings.

SaviLinx recently held a companywide celebration at Chain Park with a pig roast and family-friendly activities for its Hattiesburg workforce.

“For me it was wonderful to meet people (employees) I haven’t met,” Blease said.

About SaviLinx

SaviLinx provides outsourced business process, technical support and customer service that helps companies create profitable relationships, scale with ease and grow revenues. For more information, visit www.SaviLinx.com.


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