Woman-Led Business Growth Lessons

woman-led businessSaviLinx founder Heather Blease was interviewed by Capital One for the Growth Planning channel on its website. The story focuses on how a women led business achieves significant growth – in SaviLinx’s case, ranking #28 on the 2017 Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies.

The story shares Blease’s five lessons for growth as a women led business, including:

2. Put people first

Every company needs good people, but SaviLinx is actually in the customer service business. “Investing in people and establishing an employee-centric company culture based on respect and integrity has made all the difference,” Blease says.

Takeaway: Statistics back Blease’s argument: According to a 2014 report from Gallup, “actively disengaged” (i.e., unhappy) workers cost U.S. employers at least $450 billion annually. As a successful business owner, it’s no secret that employee retention is a big challenge, but there are areas where you can double down to build retention tactics into your company culture. Offering benefits like a 401k or fringe benefits are good places to start. Other areas are finding creative solutions to incorporating an on-going employee appreciation culture. Putting in the investment to grow the right team will have positive results in your financial performance.

Read the full story about SaviLinx on the Capital One site.