Wendolyn Johnson is the 2020 SaviScholar

Wendolyn Receives $2000 Scholarship to Pursue Finance Degree at University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg 

SaviLinx is delighted to announce that Wendolyn Johnson is our 2020 SaviScholar. A Customer Service Agent reporting to SaviLinx’s Hattiesburg, MS contact center, Wendolyn will use the $2,000 scholarship to pursue a degree in finance at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. Wendolyn will be the first member of her family to receive a college degree.  

Wendolyn worked with an accountant to understand how to improve her credit score and navigate the student loan process. This inspired her to pursue a degree in finance as a way to help others improve their financial security.  

“No matter what you do, managing money is always going to be a part of life,” says Wendolyn. “Getting a degree will help me to help other people manage their finances, start a business, and plan a brighter future for themselves and their families.” 

“Wendolyn truly represents SaviLinx’s values of passion, respect, and helping people,” says Heather D. Blease, founder and CEO, SaviLinx. “While SaviLinx donates to many important causes, our SaviScholar program is the closest to my heart – it is an honor to help our own people pursue their dreams. 

“I want to thank SaviLinx for this opportunity – you don’t know how much of a boost in self-esteem it gave me,” says Wendolyn. “I didn’t know how I was going to pay for this semester, but I was determined to make it happen. I was doubting myself but knowing that someone believed in me has made a big difference.”