When to consider BPO outsourcing

Video: SaviLinx Founder and CEO Heather Blease talks about the kinds of companies that can benefit from BPO outsourcing, and what they should consider outsourcing to a professional contact center


I’m Heather Blease, founder and CEO of SaviLinx. Let’s talk about why you should consider outsourcing your contact center.

As a CEO, I hire experts to perform certain aspects of the business and whether it’s in accounting, finance field, IT, security systems, we outsource those types of things to experts who we know actually can do a better job than we can.

We then fill that role for other companies. Our expertise is elevating the human experience, making those connections on behalf of our customers.

A lot of examples of companies that come to us for help, they often come to us to help provide the customer experience function. There are also clients that have had surges of volume COVID.

For example, the state unemployment agencies had just so many people that were in answering calls, and we ended up having to come in with hundreds of people to help augment the surge of unemployment calls during COVID.

We also do that for Federal Student Financial Aid. There’s a season where people are trying to get their FAFSA forms complete.

Then companies that just appreciate the value of outsourcing to a company that knows what they’re doing, that has the capacity to hire and bring technology options to the table, really focus on the customer experience and continually improve it and just appreciate that is our core business and work with us in that way.

We’ve been at it for a long time and have serviced many different customers to new situations and bring the best to bear in any one situation.

When we onboard a new partner – I say partner, it is a partnership – we need to build a trusting relationship and align on goals. We have to make sure that our goals are the same goals as the customer.

In some cases, it’s always creating a great customer experience. It’s also helping them to save money and to become more efficient for them, so it’s a true partnership and it’s very complex.

At SaviLinx, we have helped a number of commercial businesses and government agencies with their customer interactions. When we connect, we can do great things together.

I’d love to learn more about your needs. Give me a call.

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